Friday, 27 September 2013

Werribee Mansion

Last weekend my family and I went to Werribee Park for a picnic and a look around the mansion there. It was a huge and stunning building with extensive grounds that are free to enter. You have to pay to get entrance to the house but it's beautiful inside and filled with quite a few of the family's original furnishings. Well worth it in my opinion. 

This is the view coming along the path from the gatehouse.
There's a gorgeous black spiral staircase up in the tower at the top.

I didn't get many good photos inside because I'm still trying to remember how to use my camera (it's been about a year and a half)

After going through the house, we went along to the lake and grotto. The grotto was a beautiful dome decorated with seashells and with a little skylight at the top. Unfortunately, it was closed off behind glass so you couldn't go in (or get good photos). 

The grotto is tucked away and accessed via that cave like entrance.
From the grotto we wandered along to the farm where the homestead and cottage were located.

The cottage was tiny inside!
My feet started to get sore after a while.
Our last stop before going home was to take a look at the rose garden. Only a few flowers were in bloom but I had to see the plaque saying when my grandfather helped open the garden.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello and welcome! 
I'm Liv and this is a little section of the internet I've carved out for myself. This is where I intend to share my interests and other bloggy things with anyone who is interested. Although, I should admit it's mostly a spot for me to document my sewing projects in particular. 
As I say in my about me, I'm a university student! I'm currently at RMIT in Melbourne studying biology. I'm actually about to graduate (yay!) as I'm in my final semester! I do have hopes of becoming a secondary school science teacher and for the next couple of weeks I'm at Elwood Secondary College doing a bit of industry experience for my course. 

Recently, I've been volunteering at the Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop in Elsternwick. My volunteering is on a temporary hiatus due to the previously mentioned industry eperience but I'm keen to get back to it because I love fashion. I've got an interest in vintage fashion in particular and that interest is actually what has been driving my sewing for the past five years or so. 
I would also like to take this time to introduce my cat, Leopold,
and the three chickens: Beatrix (Bea), Fritz and Ginger. I imagine they will make fairly regular appearances. 
(Sorry for the instagram shot, they're being a bit broody and difficult to photograph...)
In fear of this intro post going too long I'll end it there and hope that you feel interested to hang around and watch my blog grow!