Monday, 5 May 2014

Sew For Victory Pants

Since the deadline was extended, I managed to whip up a pair of pants for Sew for Victory as well!
I actually whipped up these pants this morning (cutting it a bit fine with the deadline...). I'm really proud of how quickly they came together and the corduroy is perfect for this chilly (wet) autumn weather we've been having. 

I managed to get both the fabric and the zip from the op shop! The one I work at is great for haberdashery (which usually means my vintage style dresses get a vintage zip)! I used the 1971 pattern, Style 3115, and made the legs a bit wider. I think with the waistband being so thick made them a little too high for my waist. So, I might go back and half the size of it. I'm also considering adding back pockets. That way, I can easily carry my phone or iPod around.

Pants: Made by Me
Top: Cotton On
Shoes and Necklace: Op Shop

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