Monday, 21 July 2014

Ripponlea Estate and a New Camera

Last Sunday, I went with my parents to my favourite Victoria National Trust house, Ripponlea Estate. For those who have seen some Aussie TV, including the fabulous Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, you may recognise the house. It's right next door to the ABC studios and thus is a fabulous historic location for them to shoot!

Currently, it has an exhibition going on called Love, Desire, & Riches, which looks at wedding attire and accessories over about a 200 year period in both history and the media.  It includes dresses worn by Gwennith Paltrow (in Emma), Helena Bonham-Carter (in The Twelfth Night), and dresses from Australian designers as well as international ones such as Versace.

While the exhibition was wonderfully laid out and very interesting, I have to be honest my attention was on my brad new camera (a Canon EOS 600D with the 2 kit lenses)! I had purchased it that morning and going to Ripponlea was a bit of a treat to be able to take it for a spin. I also like going to the exhibitions at Ripponlea, regardless of what they are, because it gives you the chance to wander through the house at your own pace. Normally, you have to pay for tours to go through the house but I always find that a bit constricting; although, you do get more information that way.

It's a fabulous place to visit and though not photographed much in this post (my camera ran out of battery half way through), the grounds are beautiful and extensive as well. It's one of those beautifully preserved historic bubbles in the middle of a city.

Outfit details:
Wool Faux Fur Trimmed Dress: Op Shop 
Angora Blend Stockings: Princess Highway
Boots: Witner
Hat: Lot of Vintage Hats from Ebay

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  1. I am drooling! This place looks gorgeous! I have yet to get into Miss Fisher! It's on my to-watch list though!