Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Prairie (Part II)

So, as stated in Part I, we were on a diary farm! We spent half our time there and the other half camping/at his grandparents. It was a lovely, albeit hot, getaway. Most of the days it was well over 30C which was a bit of a shock to the system after cold, rainy Melbourne.

The view from our bedroom the first morning. 

This here is the cheeky Stumpy, who always sneaks over from her paddock on the side of the house into the bull enclosure. She was is of twins and has been rejected by her mother and the two foster mothers she was set up with. The bulls don't mind her hanging around and she seems to like the company. So, most of the time, we let her be.

Along with cows, there is another resident on the farm that I love to see...

Meet Milo, the reindeer!

She loves the treats we bring her and being patted! I love going to see her when we visit!

Having gotten the chance to settle in and enjoy the farm a bit, we decided to go camping in an area we could kayak. So, on the Monday, off we went to the Cohuna camping grounds on the Gunbower creek.

A great location for camping and a very equipped site, the place had a pool for use and it was easy for us to pop the kayaks in when we wanted(not to mention pretty inexpensive).

On the drive from the campsite to my boyfriend's grandparents house, we went through the Terrick Terrick National Park lands which were rather swampy and somewhat hard to navigate. However, we did get to stop off and see the Murray River.

I didn't get any photos after that due to it being so hot (and me therefore forgetting) but it was lovely seeing his grandparents again! 

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