Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Star Spangled Headband

The other day I went to the Sacred Heart Mission Volunteer thank you party. Since it was the kick off to a lot of the Christmas themed fundraisers, I decided to get a bit Christmas-y with a star glittered headband! 

So, because everyone needs a starry glitter headband, I give you this tutorial! 

Glue (I used Glitter Glue)
Interfacing (if your felt is a bit floppy)
and a hot glue gun

 Step 1: Draw out some stars on your paper to use as a template. I did three different sizes to get some variation. 
 Step 2: Cut out the stars in felt and, if you find them too floppy, then back them with some iron on interfacing.
 Step 3: Glitter them up! Spread the glue all over the stars and liberally sprinkle with glitter. Then leave them to dry.
Step 4: Stick the stars on the headband using the hot glue gun and when dry, voila!

 A sparkly, starry headband!

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