Tuesday, 2 December 2014

USA Trip: Part II

After Chicago, James and I went over to the east coast to stay with family in Maryland. From there we did day trips such as this one to Alexandria, Virginia. This is actually the town where my parents lived for the first few years of marriage. The photos of the gazebo show the garden they got married in, right next to the sun dial. 

In checking out the town we came across an old apothecary turned museum which was a fabulous find! The guides are so informative and it's only $5 to tour through. It hasn't been touched since the 1930's when it closed it's doors. We ended the day at my mum's old work, Gadsby's Tavern. The food was incredible and the atmosphere was perfect! I cannot recommend a place more highly! A real period treat.

This was probably one of the more perfect days of our trip. From a little bit of shopping, to finding hidden treasures, and the overall living history feel of the town was just magical. The entire day left us feeling happy and fulfilled. 

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