Thursday, 4 December 2014

USA Trip: Part III

James and I managed to get over to Baltimore twice during our stay in Maryland. The first time was when the Orioles were playing in the world series, although tickets were crazy expensive so we went to the Aquarium for half price instead, and the second was just for some shopping fun!

Aquariums have always been one of my favourite things to go to when travelling. Since 2nd grade I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, which was very practical growing up in the Sonoran Desert with the closest beach about 3 hours away and in a different country...

The Baltimore Aquarium is really interesting in the way it moves up into a rainforest exhibit, which you can see on the building in the first photo (it's the pointy bit). A whale skeleton hangs above a huge reef tank and you can see all angles of it as you head up to the top.

 It's well worth a visit and you might even see the pirate ship Fearless come in to dock.

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