Sunday, 14 June 2015

Acorn Dress Prep

Recently, I've been on a huge sewing hiatus (at least it feels huge). It's been months where I just haven't felt like sewing. I've been knitting a fair bit and done some sewing but I haven't completed any projects recently. The last one I completed was about 2 months ago (my first hoodie yay!). 

Having worked the past four days in a row at the op shop, Friday night I came home and felt like I could tackle the sleeves on a dress that has been driving me crazy. I had broken through the creativity dam and the yearning to sew was flowing free! 

Last night, I bought some fabric off of Spoonflower and today I wanted to share how I plan dresses and keep my vision as I wait the 3 or so weeks it takes for the fabric to get printed in the USA and sent over to lilttle ol' me all the way in Australia. It's also just a fun, pretty way to document my projects.

The fabric is 'acorns|blue' by Miriam Bos (irrimiri) via Spoonflower and the pattern is Butterick B5813. All of this I note down on my design page. That way I can refer back to it if I want more fabric or to make another dress like it. 

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