Monday, 15 June 2015

Vixen Dress

I'm really bad at this whole blogging regularly thing. So, in order to try to remedy that and also give myself a challenge, I've decided to blog every day this week. Starting today! 

Since posting yesterday, I've been obsessively working on a new dress! The fabric has been sitting in my stash for over 6 months and the dress has been one I've wanted to recreate since seeing it. 

It's this dress owned by Solanah of Vixen Vintage (since this is like the zillionth time I've mentioned her, I should say that she is a huge source of inspiration for me. She is not only stunning but also wonderfully creative, talented, and creates beautiful things.) I still have to hem it and tweak a few things here and there but it's looking pretty good! 

Too bad it's going to be too cold to wear it for a while yet.... Bright side is, it's lemon time! We've already had lemon pudding from some of this seasons lemons. Winter in Melbourne always gets so lovely and green! 

All dress reference photos were taken from this post, this post, and one from this post 

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  1. Pretty dress. Well done!
    Oh... and I LOVE those chickens ! <3